Joyful Noise Music Studio 411 Park Avenue, River Forest, IL, 60305



In-Class Expectations
Musikgarten class is a forty minute session once a week where children spend special time with their grownup and a loving foundation for music is laid with focused listening, movement, singing, and a variety of fun instruments. Children will react to the class in different ways, whether through being quiet and reserved, moving around, or participating in each activity with body and voice. They will be much more likely to get involved if they see their grownup doing so, so don't be ashamed of your voice or looking silly! We're all in the same musical boat.

Our classes are not a free-play time, so if a child's learning expression becomes disruptive to the lesson, their grownup is encouraged and may be asked to intervene and redirect them. Otherwise, we love to observe the many different ways children learn and respond to the activities, and watching their growth from week to week is truly a marvel.

Devices and Toys in Class 
We all acknowledge the need to keep our classes cellphone-free. 
Full participation from grownups is crucial. Oftentimes grownups enjoy taking pictures of their child during bubble time and we just ask that you do your best to only photograph your child without others in the frame.
Though stuffed animals can be a delight for children and a helpful tool for emotional growth, they also can become a distraction in class. We kindly ask that all toys be left at home. Even if they're brought to class with the intention of leaving them outside the studio, oftentimes children have a problem separating from them. Out of sight, out of mind! 

Severe Weather
As a private business, we will usually stay open, but in case of inclement weather, I will send out a group text with updates.

Dress and Food
Dress for “moving and dancing!”- wear socks for indoor classes. 
Please leave food and drink outside the studio room.

Utilize your Materials 
Make the most of your CD, song book, and instruments at home. The activities we do in class are not meant to be an isolated experience. There's a good chance your child will be singing one of the songs at home, so encourage that! Explore new songs on the CD-play it regularly in the car; this practice will prepare and excite them for their next class. 

Two make-ups are allowed per session. Please confirm all make-up classes in advance via email to 

Sibling Participation
Babies under 1 year can attend for free when accompanying an older sibling. All siblings between 1 and 5 must be registered as well. On holidays when older siblings don't have school, they are welcome to join that day for $15 via Zelle to as long as it has been cleared with Ms. Olivia and the child has been prepped on the class expectations. 

By the fourth week of class if you'd like to withdraw, you will receive back 50% of the total tuition. Beyond the fourth class, there are no refunds for the tuition cost. There is no reduction in fee for missed classes.